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COPASA RGZ stands as a distinguished construction and services company with over 30 years of industry leadership. As a global benchmark in civilworks, we specialize in large-scale infrastructure projects, including highways, railways, and urban developments. With a portfolio of works greater than M 2.000 € annually and presence in 15 countries. Notably, we are not just builders; we are also promoters and developers of high-end luxury residential real estate in the Costa del Sol and Balear Islands, having carried out large housing projects in Peru and Brazil. With a robust portfolio reflecting innovation and quality, COPASA RGZ is committed to shaping the future of construction and real estate development.

COPASA RGZ excels in a diverse range of areas, showcasing unparalleled expertise. In the realm of concessions, we are industry leaders, spearheading projects in highway development, car park management, and innovative urban waste and water supply solutions. Our influence extends globally, positioning us as a pivotal force in managing critical infrastructure. Internationally recognized for our excellence in construction and civil works, we have successfully delivered large-scale projects in railways, highways, hydraulic works, construction, and ports.

Our commitment to quality construction is unwavering, establishing us as a trusted name in the global infrastructure landscape. Furthermore, our versatility shines through in the realm of buildings and residential spaces. Whether it’s offices, retail spaces, hotels, or multifamily residences, we infuse each project with innovation and quality. Our diverse portfolio is a testament to our commitment to creating spaces that stand out in terms of design, functionality, and longevity.

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